How Shall I Know You?

by Hilary Mantel (Author)
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26 loans, One at a time

An unforgettable, unnerving short story about a writer’s life from one of today’s greatest writers—extracted from her upcoming collection, THE ASSASSINATION OF MARGARET THATCHER

“One summer at the fag-end of the nineties, I had to go out of London to talk to a literary society, of the sort that must have been old-fashioned when the previous century closed. When the day came, I wondered why I’d agreed to it; but yes is easier than no, and of course when you make a promise you think the time will never arrive . . .”

“How Shall I Know You?” is as unsettling and hauntingly written as we have come to expect from Hilary Mantel, one of the world’s most accomplished, acclaimed and garlanded writers. It invites us into the usually hidden recesses of a writer’s life, into her hotel rooms, handbags, frustrations, desires and darkest imaginings.

Publication date
August 26, 2014
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