Blissful Vibes

Our Euphoric Moments Of Laughter
by Pj Karr Ph.D. (Author)
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Across the decades, PJ Karr realized that her nonfiction stories and photography created laugh-aerobic workouts and an illustrious time to chill. Shared laughter and the bliss were amazing freebies. They resonated as a wanton and valued reprieve. Her classes and storytelling venues reaffirmed that we adults craved the playtime, humorous antics, and fantastic bellyaches as much as young children. Our mindfulness and laughter missions to defuse a concoction of stressors began to remain at the forefront of our stellar days, weeks, and months. Our rejuvenating spirit and healthier physical bodies were purged of the bothersome cortisol. Feel-good dopamine boosts became our natural endorphin highs. Our bona fide foreshadowing of blissful vibrations and superior karma became a welcome intermission. Our non-toxic and restorative smiles, vigorous chuckles, and sublime pleasures finally arrived. Blissful Vibes Our Euphoric Moments of Laughter reveal the purposeful choice to pursue a treasure trove of laughs and valued playtime throughout our life span.

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March 16, 2023
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