Life Is A Dream, Realize It!

by Joy Thomas (Author)
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"Life Is A Dream, Realize It!' is the third in the series of books written by the authoress, Ms. Joy Thomas, based on Bhagawan Sri Sathya Sai Baba's four maxims on life. She has written all these books based on her experiences and the teachings of Bhagawan as also from her interactions with devotees.

In this book, she writes about various types of dreams and finally concludes that life itself is a dream from which everyone must awaken and get realisation of the true self. She has discussed sin and repentance, cleansing of mind and service, practising the teachings of Bhagawan in life in order to get His grace, what is true wisdom, what is meant by 'living in God', etc. among other subjects.

There is an interesting incident involving the author and Prof. N. Kasturi. She has written about the doubt of a Balvikas student about the purpose of life and how she dealt with it.

For the benefit of readers, she has included 108 sayings of Bhagawan Baba kept for daily practice by her husband for helping him to follow His teachings. There is a chapter on the parable 'Return Of The Prodigal Son' in which the author stresses on keeping the sense of discrimination pure without any prejudice. The author also describes in detail the five sheaths that cover the human body.

This book is an illustration of the author's efforts to awaken from the dream of what one is not and how to attain full realisation of what one really is, and of the impact of Bhagawan's teachings and the power of His presence to transform the life of anyone who chooses to follow His teachings. She has cited a number of sayings of Bhagawan Baba and also that of Jesus Christ, to back her views on the different subjects that she has dealt with in this book.

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October 10, 2013
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