Rise of the Nephilim

Pergamos Ascending
by Michael J. Lindsay (Author)
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Michael J. Lindsay wrote this fictional story of a deep state murder that is utterly intertwined with demonic forces and end-time prophecies for the benefit of people who are just wondering what is going on today. This saga comes straight from the abyss and current events. The story line is a continuation of Mike's previous novel, The Nephilim's Revenge, in which Mike's hero uncovered the involvement of the country's elite with Nephilim, fallen angels, and other dark characters in a scheme to subordinate all mankind. At the center of this scheme is a top secret government project to create several genetic lines of supersoldiers through a method known as transhumanism.

The main character, detective John Michael McIntyre, attempts to bring all of those responsible for the murder to justice, but the leader of the group escapes after a shoot-out in the Arizona desert. McIntyre's pursuit of this former FBI agent takes him into bizarre territory. The title of this book, Rise of the Nephilim, Pergamos Ascending, reflects the increasing success of these nefarious characters in creating their supersoldiers and world, and evading discovery or capture. This worldwide confederacy is soon to establish its New World Order, which many citizens do not even recognize as rapidly materializing in our day. Detective McIntyre discovers that these demonic goals all parallel what happened in Genesis 6:1-7, and now their nefarious plan is apparent.

Readers will be surprised to find that by the end of this complex tale of deception, they will have a real working knowledge of latter-day Bible prophecy that will enable them clearly to see world events that unquestionably signal our entry into the end-time.

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February 02, 2023
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