Cajun Stories My Granpa Tole Me

de Tommy Joe Breaux (Autor), Dominicus Maters (Ilustrador)
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Filled with stories inspired by the cajun atmosphere, this volume captures the humorous elements of life and successfully blends them with interesting and animated characters. Tommy Joe Breaux fondly recalls the stories his granpa told him and wanted a way to share them with others. By writing down these tales, he is saving part of his heritage as well as allowing readers to enjoy some cajun humor.

Returning characters include Elmo and Marie, Poo Poo and Stinky, and greedy Doc Duplichan in this compliation of funny stories. Divided into twelve chapters, each group highlights a different aspect of the cajun culture and people. Told in cajun speech, Breaux gives readers a glimpse of the Louisiana countryside while commemorating the stories he gleaned from his granpa.

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21 de diciembre de 2022
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