Enterprise China

Adopting a Competitive Strategy for Business Success
de J. Stewart Black (Autor), Allen J. Morrison (Autor)
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How to adapt your firm’s competitive strategy to the modern reality of Chinese enterprise

Enterprise China: Adopting a Competitive Strategy for Business Success delivers a roadmap for business executives competing in and with China. Prepared by a team of renowned management researchers and strategists, the book examines the often-misunderstood interconnectedness of the Chinese state and Chinese businesses, demonstrating that individual firms and companies are often just the tip of the iceberg. The authors explain how the overarching vision, ambition, and strategy of the State impact and guide key commercial enterprises and how this affects Western business interests.

In the book, you’ll also find:

  • Explorations of the competitive strategy and associated tactics of Chinese enterprise
  • Strategies and tactical options for Western business executives as they compete in and with the Chinese state
  • Descriptions of the key factors business executives must assess as they do business in and with China

An essential discussion of one of the great economic powerhouses of contemporary history, Enterprise China belongs in the libraries of business executives, policy makers, and thought leaders seeking perspective on an unavoidable and determined competitor.

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