The Strawberry Field Girls

The Strawberry Field Girls

by Karen Dickson (Author), Jess Nesling (Narrator)
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The strawberry harvest is finally ready. The delicious fruit make up the main source of income for the small hamlet of Strawbridge. Good friends Leah, Alice and Dora are ready to spend their summer months working in Isaac Whitworth’s farm.

But when Leah takes a fancy to young farm hand Harry and Alice catches the eye of the curate’s son the two girls find themselves falling fast. This leaves Dora on the outside, struggling with the weight of being here family’s sole breadwinner and caring for her sickly father. 

But the summer months are long and the surprises are far from over. Away from the fields, a war is brewing which risks everything the girls can dare to dream about.   

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November 24, 2022
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