Getting to the End

by Willis,Michael (Author)
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William J. McCallister has seen it all--or so he believes. As he nears the end of a career that has spanned many years, he is left with the one question that he finds himself seeking to answer. Will I make it to the end? Dealing with the complexities of an ever-increasing diverse workplace for most of his working life and resolving these employee issues for his employers, he looks forward to winding down a very rewarding but sometimes stressful career. Frequently when commiserating with colleagues on human interactions the common consensus is "You just can't make this stuff up!" This regular guy who has spent his entire career serving others comes to realize that getting to the end of anything in life is just a matter of interpretation...and sometimes that interpretation is not just yours alone! Little does he suspect of what he is about to face before he can ride off into the sunset. This might just be the very thing that prevents him from Getting to the End.

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November 14, 2022
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