The Life is in the Blood

by James H. Murdough (Author)
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"The Life is in the Blood" tells the true story of a family destined to live with the devastating consequences of having two of their three children born with the deadly disease called sickle cell anemia. When the father eventually abandons them the moth­er is left to raise her three children without his support. Intolerable pain, brought about by numerous unannounced pain crises plague her boys throughout their entire lives. Unavoidable, they are the result of sickled-shaped cells suddenly obstructing blood flow any­where in their circulatory system. Most of these episodes are barely managed even with the highest doses of pain medication. There are frequent trips to the emergency room, lengthy hospitalizations and far too many near death experiences.

Brandon the older brother ultimately succumbs after a lifelong, cou­rageous battle. Demoralized, Braxton, the younger brother resigns himself to his fate until a series of awe-inspiring events brings hope for a cure. Divine intervention then stirs up faith, while advance­ments in experimental medical procedures appear on the horizon. As his life expectancy hovers in a state of suspense an improbable friendship develops, and his destiny begins to take shape. 

This heart wrenching, yet inspiring story will inform you of the nature of this hideous disease which attacks hundreds of thousands of victims every year. At the same time it will instill hope in those that suffer from sickle cell anemia and many other life threatening afflictions.

Publication date
November 29, 2022
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