The Second Chance Holiday Club

The Second Chance Holiday Club

by Kate Galley (Author), Rachel Atkins (Narrator)
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It's never too late to change the habits of a lifetime...

Evelyn Pringle isn't the sort to make rash decisions. Or any decisions, really – she's always left that sort of thing up to her husband. But he's been found dead, wearing his best suit, with a diamond ring in his pocket that doesn't fit her. When Evelyn finds a letter addressed to a woman on the Isle of Wight, she decides to deliver it. By hand.

So begins a very unusual holiday, and an adventure no one could have predicted – least of all Evelyn herself. With the help of some unexpected new friends and a little effort on her part, Evelyn discovers that it is never too late to have a second chance at life and forge friendships that are well-worth living for.

´The Second Chance Holiday Club´ is a heartwarming and funny later-life uplift for fans of Judy Leigh, Hazel Prior, and Maddie Please.

Kate Galley is a debut author who lives in Buckinghamshire with her husband, children and Meg, their Patterdale Terrier. Much of Kate's inspiration comes from the many varied lives of her clients as a mobile hairdresser, and the idea for this book came from one woman's tale of a hilarious Christmas coach trip.

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November 24, 2022
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