Amazing Circular Weaving

Little Loom Techniques, Patterns, and Projects for Complete Beginners
de Emily Nicolaides (Autor)
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A beginner’s guide to circular weaving and a fresh take on a classic craft, from a creative and inspiring teacher

Weaving came back in style a few years ago, and it's clear the trend isn't going away anytime soon. Makers have flocked to this hands-on fiber art, devising everything from wall hangings to rugs and pillow covers to keychains. Circular weaving is a fun and creative extension of weaving and offers a new approach to the traditional craft. From artist and expert weaver Emily Nicolaides, Amazing Circular Weaving is a detailed guide to circular weaving, with step-by-step instructions and photography to guide you through more than 30 techniques. Nicolaides gives a thorough overview of the basics, including how to select materials and what tools the reader will need. She even includes instructions for making DIY cardboard looms and shuttles. Beautiful and informative, this is a classic craft readers will return to again and again. You’ll be making circular home goods and decorative wall hangings in no time.

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15 de noviembre de 2022
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