Maestro Evarista's Orchestra

by Raquel Bonita (Author), Raquel Bonita (Illustrator), Anie Richer (Narrator)
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55 loans, One at a time

Maestro Evarista is a conductor in search of an orchestra. With a heavy cart full of instruments, the little lizard sets out to find musicians. One by one, she comes across an assortment of animals who lighten her load as they pick their parts in what becomes a ten-member menagerie. Her cart finally empty and her heart full, Maestro Evarista takes the lead in a concert that proves big dreams do come true with a little hard work to see them through. The narrated tale unfolds page by page and animal by animal until the full orchestra is presented showing a vibrant cast of characters playing their instruments.

Publication date
November 30, 2022
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