The Land of the Blue Flower

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55 loans, One at a time

When the young King Amor realizes that the people of his country are mistreating each other and the nature surrounding them, he takes it upon himself to teach them better. No easy task when you’ve also got a kingdom to rule. In fact, it would seem that all hope is lost, until the king learns of a magical flower, one that has the power to turn selfish people into compassionate and caring beings.

‘The Land of the Blue Flower’ was written by Frances Hodgson Burnett in 1904, long before Gretha Thunberg came along and begged us to start caring enough about each other and the planet.

In many ways ‘The Land of the Blue Flower’ is a fairy tale ahead of its time, and a lesser-known children’s classic by the author of ‘The Secret Garden’.

Frances Hodgson Burnett was an English American playwright and author. Born in the UK in Manchester to a family of ironmongers, she later migrated to the United States where she would go on to write some of her most famous plays and novels.

During the span of her career, Frances Hodgson Burnett wrote and published more than 53 novels, most of them for adults. However, she is perhaps best known for her work in children’s literature, including famous titles such as ‘The Little Princess’ (1905), ‘The Secret Garden’ (1911), and ‘Little Lord Fauntleroy’ (1886).

Frances Hodgson Burnett is also known for her historical fiction, including acclaimed titles such as 'The Head of the House of Coombe' (1922) and its sequel, 'Robin' (1922).

Burnett’s work has been adapted for film many times. The latest movie adaptation of ‘The Secret Garden’ was released in 2020, starring Colin Firth and Julie Walters.

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