by Guy Millière (Author)
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55 loans, One at a time

“You asked me why I support the
Jewish state and why I am ready to
put myself in harm’s way to do it.
You said that I am not a Jew and that
I am not directly concerned. You can
see that the Jewish state is criticized,
insulted, and vilified, relentlessly, and
you think there is a reason for that.
You think that many other causes
deserve my support, and that my life
and yours would be less complicated if
I chose another cause and abandoned
this one.
I'm not a Jew, that’s right, and even if I have the highest respect for
Judaism, I have no intention to convert.
But, and I insist: it is not necessary to be a Jew to support the Jewish
state and to be directly concerned by its fate. Knowing history, having
ethical values imply making choices. I know history, I have ethical values;
ergo, I made a choice.
The Jewish state is criticized, insulted, vilified, relentlessly, and there
is a reason for that; that’s right again, but the reason is not the one you
may imagine, really not at all.
There are undoubtedly many other causes that deserve my support,
and they already receive my support, you know it. I support liberty and
human rights wherever they are threatened. But it does not mean that I
should turn away from the cause of the Jewish state, even if it made my
life (and yours) easier.
I have to explain”.

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April 28, 2022
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