A Fair Barbarian

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American heiress Octavia Bassett arrives in a sleepy English town to visit her aunt Belinda. She’s extremely wealthy, privileged and independent, which doesn’t go over well with the locals. Her arrival sets tongues wagging and ruffles feathers of the very conservative and traditional residents. Indifferent to the impression she creates, Octavia befriends Lucia Gaston, the meek granddaughter of the village matriarch, Lady Theobald.

More friction arise as Lucia’s intended, Captain Barold, proposes to Octavia. She turns him down flat and leaves him dumbfounded. Meanwhile, Lucia, inspired by her friend’s independence falls in love with Mr. Burmistone, a mill owner her grandmother frowns upon.

Then Octavia’s father and former fiancé arrive in town causing even more commotion among the locals.

A lighthearted and entertaining tale, perfect for fans of Jane Austen, Lisa Kleypas and Julia Quinn.

Frances Eliza Hodgson Burnett (1849-1924) was born in Manchester, England, but emigrated to the United States after her father’s death. She wrote stories for magazines to help her family financially, and would later write plays and novels. Her most famous works are ‘A Little Princess’ (1905) and ‘The Secret Garden’ (1911).

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October 21, 2021
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