Quebec Suicide Prevention Handbook

de Raymond Viger (Auteur), Colin McGregor (Auteur)
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There is no one set formula for why decent people come to consider suicide. Each comes to the edge of their personal cliff in their unique way. The journey a person takes from loss to suicide is for most people - especially for youth - the same down ward spiral. The trajectory is remarkably similar similar - and preventable, if help is offered soon enough, is caring, humane manner.

Raymond Viger, writer, activist, is veteran of over 20 years working as a suicide prevention counselor in Montreal and in Quebec's for northern communities. His franch-language handbooks have helped thousands. To produce this English adaptation he teams with Colin McGregor, journalist and teacher, whose 23 years' experience as detainee in some of Canada's grimmest prisons lend this work depth. The knowledge and techniques in this handbook are meant to be used in any crisis situation: a valuable resource for interveners and sufferers alike.

Date de publication
26 janvier 2017
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