The Charlevoix Astrobleme

de Jean des Gagniers (Autor)
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55 préstamos, Uno a la vez

I'm especially fond of Charlevoix—one of the favourite haunts of my youth. By walking through this region from one hilltop to the next I realized just how vast the St. Lawrence was. I would gaze at its salty waters and the fine line of the horizon, and a desire would well up within me to go farther, beyond the seas, and visit the entire world.

"I could hardly suspect that this region would have a direct bearing on my future career as an astrophysicist. Indeed, it bears the mark of an event of extraterrestrial origin: a collision with an asteroid some 400 million years ago. I had no idea back then that the fertile farmland and pastures along the road I was walking on were the result of a meteorite impact, a story that nobody knew at the time and which we learned about later through the patient observations and skillful deductions of a geologist, Jehan Rondot. This story is worth being told."
- Hubert Reeves

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23 de mayo de 2018
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