Knights of Emerald 03 : The Kingdom of Shadows

The Kingdom of Shadows
de Anne Robillard (Auteur)
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The Knights of Emerald: This epic tale takes place in a forgotten world in a time of great unrest as Amecareth, the Dark Lord of the Insect People, attempts to take over the known universe. It is the story of Kira, the purple child, born of the rape of Queen Fan of Shola by the despicable Emperor, who will ultimately bring about his downfall, and of the brave Knights of Emerald entrusted with her safety.

Book 3 of the saga The Knights of Emerald, The Kingdom of Shadows: Now fifteen years of age and experiencing the first impulses of adolescence, Kira achieves her most cherished dream and becomes a Squire of Emerald. From then on, the purple princess goes on missions with the Knights, marvelling at the immensity of Enkidiev. The Light Bearer – the central character of the prophecy – is finally born and the Immortals must protect him from the Dark Emperor. Meanwhile, Wellan and his valiant Knights rush to the aid of the hybrids of the Kingdom of the Shadows where they fall into a trap and are confronted with an enemy they never suspected ...

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6 octobre 2016
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