Knights of Emerald 12 : Irianeth

by Anne Robillard (Author)
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55 loans, One at a time

The Knights of Emerald: This epic tale takes place in a forgotten world in a time of great unrest as Amecareth, the Dark Lord of the Insect People, attempts to take over the known universe. It is the story of Kira, the purple child, born of the rape of Queen Fan of Shola by the despicable Emperor, who will ultimately bring about his downfall, and of the brave Knights of Emerald entrusted with her safety.

Book 12, the last book of the saga The Knights of Emerald, Irianeth: Beleaguered by the enemy, Onyx confers knighthood on the Squires, judging that they are now able to fend for themselves. But the loss of the army's supreme commander demoralizes the Knights. Grief-stricken and dejected, one of them even deserts his comrades.

In spite of being very well-treated by the spiders, Liam is wasting away because he realizes that he will never see his friends and family again. But they have not forgotten him and they marshal all of their resources to come to his rescue.

The rebel princess finally accepts her destiny and steps in to help the light-bearer and the Knights of Emerald who have to withstand the repeated onslaughts of the Dark Emperor. However, Asbeth has prepared a trap ... just for her.

The final battle ultimately takes place on Irianeth. The question is: Who will come out of it alive?


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May 30, 2017
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