Uncle John's Facts to Go: History Makers

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Uncle John takes readers on a journey through the ages, shedding new light onto some of the past’s most famous (and infamous) figures, and digging up obscure history you’d never learn in school. Featuring classic BRI articles along with some great all-new material, History Makers travels from the Far East to the Old West, from ancient times to the recent past, debunking myths and exposing the truth along the way. So wind up your wayback machine and read all about…- The lost “Cloud People” of Peru - Twelve countries that no longer exist- Looney English Lords- The mystery of Great Zimbabwe’s ruins- What happens when a U.S. president goes bonkers- The strange fate of some famous body parts- History’s most hilarious blunders- Building the Great Wall(s) of China- Some startling predictions that didn’t pan out…and some that didAnd much, much more!

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December 07, 2022
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