Uncle John's Weird Weird World Epic

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The second fully-illustrated, hardcover book in Uncle John’s popular new Weird, Weird World series opens up a portal to the bizarre. It’s page after page of unbelievable history, odd origins, tales of amazing luck, kooky conspiracy theories, epic fails, astounding facts, and some things that are so weird that they defy description. That’s where the pictures come in: Hundreds of eye-popping photographs and illustrations take the humor and the fun to a whole new dimension…to the EPIC zone! Read about…• How to Hypnotize a Chicken • The Origin of the Lie Detector • Weirdest Ways to Die at National Parks • Feral Cat Day and Other Strange-But-Real Holidays • Here Comes the Spammobile! • Keith Urban Legends • The Power of Poo • Winners of “Ugly Dog” Contests • Weird World Records • TV Shows That Were All a Dream • Kalshnikov Pat & the Helicopter Jailbreakers • Odd-phrodisiacs • Japan’s Most Surreal Video Games • News Pundits Gone Wild • The Pacific Garbage Patch • Calamity Jane and the Old West’s Toughest Gals • What Your Nose Says About Your Love Life • Scams That Could Only Be Pulled Off By Identical Twins • Anarchy in the E.R.And much, much more!

Publication date
December 07, 2022
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