Uncle John's Bathroom Reader: WISE UP!

An Elevating Collection of Quick Facts and Incredible Curiosities
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Is there any other single book in the universe with this many awesome tidbits of bite-sized information? Nope. And that’s a fact! At nearly 400 pages (with a handy index for your fact-seeking convenience), Wise Up! is a must-have for anyone who likes their information on the go. It’s organized into hundreds of topics—everything from sports and entertainment to word origins and science. Here are but a few of the facts awaiting you:* More women than men talk to their cars.* The melody for Nat King Cole’s 1954 hit “Smile” was composed by Charlie Chaplin.* Acid rain was first identified and named in 1852.* What is your buccal cavity? Your mouth.* There are no skunks in Newfoundland.* The average Super Bowl party has 18 people.* When dropped in water, a fresh egg will sink; a stale one won’t.* The average newborn baby spends 113 minutes a day crying.* Pepper was so valuable during Elizabethan times that it was sold by the grain.* Fossilized termite farts have been preserved in amber. And thousands more!

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December 07, 2022
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